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I look like a pregnant woman today. I have on leggings on an empire-waist shirt. It’s kind of wild. I’m not really showing yet … any pregnant belly I have is just fat. Blech. But still my normal clothes don’t fit so maternity it is.

My brain seems to have taken a vacation. Yesterday morning I put on two shoes and then walked around a while and realized I felt funny. I looked down and I had put on one black boot (no heel) and one brown boot (2 inch heel). Now that is not so strange but it took me a while to figure it out!

Women who look really cute pregnant must have a bigger budget than I do, because everything I have found is polyester and looks like it will fall right apart after three months. Is there something wrong with wearing natural fiber when one is carrying a child? Especially since I am so insanely itchy!!

Anyway, I am so tired I am about to pass out. Don’t think I will make it through Top Chef tonight. Night night.

3 thoughts on “unfashion sense

  1. I hear you! Thank goodness empire waist shirts are so in right now!

    Hey, you should get one of those belly bands. It’s like a big tube that you can wear over your waist…that way you can keep your pants unzipped and it keeps them up. Saves your “normal” clothes for awhile!

  2. Belly bands helped me survive te first 16 weeks when i was big but to small for maternity clothes!!
    Try Marshalls for clothes, thats where I bought most of my maternity clothes and it was really cute! Plus I refused to spen 98 dollars on a pair of jeans I would only wear for 4 months!!!

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