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Usually I am in bed by now, but I am trying to wash clothes so I can go on my trip tomorrow! It’s for one of the MANY baby showers I will be attending in the next few months. It’s for my cousin’s wife. This cousin and I were born about six weeks apart, he got married two weeks after me, and had we gotten pregnant when I wanted to, our kids would have been born about the same time! So alas, they will be 5 months apart instead. I totally trust in God’s plan for our childbearing so I am sure there is a reason I wasn’t able to conceive right away. Even if it was just to have me work on certain things! I am really excited about a project that we are starting now and will be finished up after I return from maternity leave. It really works out perfectly that way.

We watched the new Sweeney Todd movie with Johnny Depp tonight. I had watched it in a movie version (no music) a few months back and for some reason I thought maybe they made it funny with musical numbers. Not so. Gross, gross, and more gross. I think I preferred the non-musical version, which must have stuck to the book because the story line was very different. I am pretty sure it was a BBC made for TV movie or something. I saw it on Comcast on Demand. Anyway, I was pretty disappointed. Anyone have any movie suggestions? We are thinking about getting rid of cable soon so we might up our Netflix to three at a time. I mostly like comedies but not slapstick, some foreign films, anything romantic. I can appreciate a good drama, I just don’t like lots of violence or overbearing cursing.

Enough random rambling for now, I suppose.

2 thoughts on “Warbles

  1. Lars and the Real Girl. Brilliant and beautiful. Also- I’m sure you’ve already seen this, but Love Actually is my all-tiome favorite movie. Good for a cry.

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