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I think some people do this on Sundays…link to a variety of posts out their in cyberspace. But I am not some people, and I am never going to do anything on a regular schedule. (Which I why I have ONE Wordless Wednesday post ever.) But here are some posts I’ve come across recently I think you should read if you have the time and inclination:

The Pink Paper Cube from Ministry So Fabulous (and the fact that Amy Beth left me a comment saying she LOVES my blog doesn’t hurt … I think she might be my new bloggy best friend)

My Miracle from Oh Amanda (just thinking about this post makes me cry. Thank you so much, Amanda, for sending it to me)

Jenny from the blecch
from A Little Pregant (Warning: some cursing in this post. But I do think it makes some really solid points about infertility. I know I haven’t talked about my–VERY short compared to most people’s–struggle with infertility and my PCOS but I now know it can be so easy to be down on yourself because you can’t conceive immediately like “everybody else.” I don’t think infertility is anything to be ashamed of and that is the point the author makes here.)

If you want to read a BOOK on their travels in Europe and Asia, you can check out Ben and Brittany’s blog, Euros Ate My Dollars. Posts are long but very well-written–we must have all learned something in high school!

As Michael W. Smith Plays Softly in the Background from one of my new favorite blogs, BooMama.

I’d love to give you my complete blog list to visit, since I think they’re all fabulous, but I am kinda slow at the linking stuff. 🙂 Also I hate to pick favorites. So maybe more more at another totally random point in time that won’t be at all weekly.

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