The Babe

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I am apparently having the most normal pregnancy in the world.

I have no unusual symptoms. No spotting. They’ve been able to hear the heartbeat every time I’ve gone in. I’ve gained exactly the recommended amount for as far along as I am.

For someone who didn’t know if she would ever get pregnant, I think this is a miracle.

I have PCOS–polycystic ovarian syndrome. It is a hormone disease that affects 10% of women. Unfortunately, you need those hormones for your fertility to work out right! Thankfully, there are medecines that regulate things enough for many women with PCOS to get pregnant (and some can without it). But for many it takes a very long time or doesn’t take at all. Probably half of the women on the “October moms” PCOS message board I go to had to have an IUI (intrauterine insemination, I think) to conceive.

So again. I think it’s a flat-out miracle. It could change tomorrow. I could be on bed rest for the next 20 weeks. [Disclaimer: This sentence made Amanda think I AM on bed rest now. And I’m not. I was just saying, it could happen. I certainly hope not!] But for the time being, I am so extremely grateful for this little life growing just the way he or she should be.

And I find out that he or she question in 3 weeks, 5 days! Not that I’m counting or anything.

3 thoughts on “The Babe

  1. I have much enjoyed reading over all of your posts on this page today…it’s been awhile since I read your blog since the last time it made me cry…I can’t wait to be an auntie. (seeing you in July is at the top of my excitement list too) I’m glad you’re having a normal pregnancy–grow, baby, grow!! Lovesssss you, Mr. V. and Baby 🙂

  2. I didn’t know you were on bedrest. Well, you’ll get lots of reading in! And praise God that you ARE having a normal pregnancy!


    I’ll email you asap after I talk to KT at snips of sugar, ok?

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