Dinner for One

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Last night I ate dinner at a restaurant by myself. I know to some that is shocking and you can’t even imagine it; but I really don’t mind my own company. I hate going shopping with other people … I 100% prefer to do it alone. (Unless I need advice or don’t really care whether I buy anything. So not 100%. I like shopping with my mom. But mostly if I need to buy clothes I hate making people wait for me.)

This wasn’t like a really fancy restaurant or anything, just a meat and three. I sat at my table with my paper and enjoyed myself. It was interesting to listen to the tables around me. Behind me was three or four old ladies having girls’ night. They talked about Baptist conferences and had to ask the waitress whether their $5 bill was real or counterfeit (whenever they come out with a new design it always looks fake, doesn’t it?). They were very concerned whether she would accept the money or not.

To my right, grandparents were out with their nine-year-old-ish granddaughter. She gave them a constant babble with such information as how to solve the problem if you get brainfreeze and threatened her grandfather within an inch of his life if he ate her banana pudding while she went to the bathroom. (This banana pudding is TOTALLY worth killing your granddad over. LOL. OK, maybe not that extreme, but it is awesome.)

And then the people in the booth in front of me were a nice-looking couple sitting on one side of the booth together. That made me happy, Mr. Vanderbilt and I do that when we feel lovey-dovey. But then another man came over and said he had gone to pay his bill and found out this couple had already paid it for him. That almost made me cry. There are still good people in the world.

All in all it was a very pleasant meal and then I went to see “Annie Jr.” at an elementary school. Some of the kids that go to the center where I volunteer were in it. It wasn’t quite as fun as the meal as I couldn’t hear anything and got elbowed constantly by a five-year-old beside me. But it was still a pleasant night.

And we’re leaving tomorrow for vacation!!! See ya in a week!

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