Oh, the Insanity

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The first day back to work after vacation is usually a little frantic, with e-mails and such. And voicemails. Except I didn’t have any, and I just remembered I forgot to change my voicemail back so it still says I’m on vacation. Hrm.

But today was totally insane. I had been back for all of half an hour when I starting panicking insanely over all of the deadlines I have coming up. I *think* I have about two weeks to finish the project I am working on currently, but the editor-in-chief is a little insane and not only tried to make me feel guilty about going on vacation but also is trying to make it sound worse than it is. And trying to keep me from doing what I need to do, which is not altogether that helpful.

I have two projects I don’t even know the deadlines for because they are for Mr. Unhelpful at work, who is very kind but not the easiest to work with either. (My husband says it must just be me, because I think so many people are hard to work with. I just think we have an ususually large amount of quirky people on my relatively small team.)

Then the project I want to be working on is being pushed aside. ACK!

And this week I have meetings, a half-day required work picnic, a doctor’s appointment, and next week am at a conference in Colorado for four days.

It’s enough to make my head spin.

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