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Instead of getting ready to leave for our cruise on Sunday, I am laid up on the couch with the worst cramps I’ve had in this pregnancy. The nurse swears nothing is wrong if I am not bleeding and that I need to drink water. That’s great and all, but lady, I am in pain! And pain, Mr. Vanderbilt will attest, makes me EXTREMELY GRUMPY. And I don’t think you want to see that.

While I would like to have the house neat and tidy and be bringing everything I could possibly need with me, I will be lucky at this pace to get a bag packed since I can’t bear to bend over a lot. My stinking fifth graders proved once again tonight they are incapable of cleaning up after themselves and left me to stoop to the floor after their discarded Bible, pieces of felt, pencils, leftover literature, etc. I should tell their Mothers. That would be trouble.

Tomorrow night we will hopefully solve our car problem for at least two years. A $50 part every two years isn’t so bad to keep the car running. Please join us in praying that this will work so I can stop having a mental breakdown every three days when said car won’t start in the morning.

Despite my grouchiness, I am SO, so ready to leave on Sunday. We’re going on a cruise and my entire plan is to bake in the sun and read tons. And eat. A lot!!

4 thoughts on “Preparation

  1. Have fun on your cruise! I used to get cramps too. Just relax as much as you can and pamper yourself! Your body is working hard so YOU take it easy. 🙂

  2. I like the previous poster…. yes definitely relax and pamper yourself and take care of you and the baby! It really only takes about an hour to throw everything you need in a suitcase. Tell Mr. Vanderbilt to get his rear in to gear if things need washed before packing. Hope you have your feet up and are enjoying one of the books you had for the cruise. Love Ya!!!!

  3. I’m so sorry you’re having bad cramps! I’m checking in to make sure you received my email response also. Hope you’re feeling better soon and have a wonderful cruise!!!!!!

  4. Thank you so much for the Cheesecake Factory gc – it arrived today with the sweet card also. So nice!
    As a mom who has been thru the pregnancy thing 3x … the first trimester is just rough. I predict that the cruise will be just what you need to feel a bit better. Have a wonderful trip!

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