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I’ve not been very prolific here lately. I guess it’s because I’ve just been feeling weird. I am sure this is part of every pregnancy, but I’ve just felt lately like this child has taken over my body and I have no say in anything anymore! It feels weird when I lay down, when I bend over, when I try to get up off the floor. I am so excited to have a baby, really! But realizing your life will never be the same again is sometime hard to face.

On a good note, I’ve read a ton lately, because I’ve been in a quiet and solitary sort of mood.

GRR. I just lost the rest of this post. There was more good stuff here, but I am too lazy to write it over again. Maybe tomorrow.

One thought on “Ramble

  1. We saw The Business of Being Born too and were pretty horrified. You should read Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth while you’re doing all that reading! It’s really good. I ABSOLUTELY do not want to have surgery. EVER. AGAIN.

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