A "Blessing" Day

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I know it’s a hard day at work when I put in John Waller’s CD The Blessing. Usually it perks me up a little. I think it’s something I got for free at work or I never would have been exposed to it, but his song “The Blessing” is just awesome. The whole CD is mellow and wonderful.

For some reason I am just insanely tired today. Well, I can think of one possible reason! But I had a decent night’s sleep after lounging on the couch for several hours last night. Why should I really be tired? But several people today have commented on how I look tired (maybe they could tell me I look like a hippo too, that would help). The last two days at work I’ve felt like I could collapse on the floor and nap. I haven’t felt like that since early in the first trimester. I usually account these times of tiredness and itchiness to baby growth spurts, and I guess they are. I’m looking forward to have a really good and LONG night’s sleep. And maybe followed by a nap!

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