Cleaning Out the Pantry

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Last night I decided we have enough in the freezer and pantry for our little family of two to eat for weeks, probably. I buy stuff for recipes and then never make them. Or leave ingredients out. I buy side dish things because they’re on sale or sound good at the time.

Tonight, as part of the wonderful thing I call nesting, I plan to clean out the pantry and get it in order enough that I can see everything in it. Then I am going to use two wonderful resources to put together meals–AllRecipes and my readers. I think I have some readers, although not tons, and maybe you all will have brilliant ideas for what I can make with egg noodles, frozen pot roast, and a small can of jalapenos.

Reader be warned. And be ready for the giant pantry post!!

Two things I do know we’ll be having this week–Five-Cheese Skillet Burgers and Italian Chicken Simmer over rice. I think I bought the ingredients to make four meals from Kraft at least a week and a half ago. I’ve made two. How is that possible?

I must be craving Italian food, because all I can think about wanting to make is Pioneer Woman’s lasagna and our baked ziti. I will not give in!

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