I Think The Babe is Growing

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Friday night I slept 12 hours. Last night I slept 10 hours. When I am not sleeping, I am hungry. It is 5:15 and I ate dinner about 4 o’clock, was still hungry, contemplated making pineapple casserole, realized it had to cook for an hour, and ate crackers instead.

I don’t want to know how much sodium I’ve had today. In an effort to not spend money on food at work, I bought stuff to take…but most of it is frozen or packaged. I know, I know. I am incapable of packing healthful things. Sigh. I am so afraid I am going to have gestational diabetes. I go for the one-hour test in 3 more weeks.

ANYWAY, this wasn’t supposed to be depressing, just funny. You can all have a good laugh when next week I’ve gained 40 lbs.

2 thoughts on “I Think The Babe is Growing

  1. STRING CHEESE! I seriously lived on that stuff through both of my pregnancies. It has just enough protein and calories to save you when you reach that “I have to eat something right now or else I’ll be sick all night, and I can’t even figure out what to cook for dinner because I’m so hungry I’m going to eat dry macaroni in two minutes!!!”

    Seriously, I think it saved my life.

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