Libbie’s Aunt

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Her whole life we have called my little sister Roonie or Roo. I have absolutely no idea why. It is no derivative of her name whatsoever. (By the way, I’ve always felt kind of left out in life because no one has ever given me a nickname, except Jessie or Jess.) So, of course, as soon as I found out I was pregnant Mr. V and I decided we must continue the torture by insisting she should be Aunt Roo. I mean really, Aunt Ashley is just very difficult to say.

Of course, Ashley has just recoiled every time I’ve mentioned this. She hates the nickname. The time I made her dress up and called her Roonie the Clown and we had a carnival in the backyard probably didn’t help.

Well today, she started a new blog. Check out the title of this one, baby. I love it. She’s going to be a wonderful aunt (as will Mr. V’s sister…we will have to come up with some creative nickname for her, too!).

One thought on “Libbie’s Aunt

  1. Aunt Roo!!! I love it! My sister’s name is Beth but my husband jokingly called her Betty, which she wasn’t wild about at first but now, she’s Aunt Betty. Her husband is referred to As Uncle Dude. My sister’s daughter can’t say my name, Evie. She calls me Wee Wee. I love it and hope she always calls me that!! Aunt Roo is a special name. I hope she grows to love it.

    I checked out her blog and loved it!

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