Menu Plan Monday

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I’ve been reading a lot about menu planning the last few days. I always menu-plan before I go to the grocery for the week. That is, when I go to the grocery for real. And I haven’t been for at least two weeks. I’ve bought things for a meal here or there, or gone with what we have. Which works.

But I need a concrete plan for this week to work with. With two people, I tend to only make three or four meals a week and we eat leftovers. So here’s the plan!

Tonight, I’m making chicken spaghetti from The Pioneer Woman. Been wanting to try it for a long time; I have spaghetti, cream of soup, cheese, and chicken. Was going to make it yesterday but I realized I have no onions and definitely no pimientos or green pepper.

is making this slow-cooker Honey Garlic Chicken and I have ALL the ingredients to make it except for fresh ginger, which I hate anyway.

I’ve been totally craving our Ziti with Italian Sausage so I think that’s going to be my third meal. (I make this without mushrooms. Pretty sure it’s the same recipe otherwise.)

All of these should make enough for two nights at least. And Mr. V leaves on Sunday for the middle school mission trip. I will have to make a concerted effort to eat well next week. When I am by myself I tend to just either graze or not eat because I don’t want to make the effort for myself. Well, with baby, I don’t think not eating is a choice. Nor is eating Taco Bell every day a great plan. So we’ll work on it!

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  1. Seriously you hate ginger? I had some ginger dressing at a Japanese restaurant one time that was so good I could drink it.


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