Menu Plan Monday

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I am easily seduced by the grocery store when I don’t have a list. Sometimes a list helps, sometimes I get carried away anyway. But I went in yesterday knowing I could buy food for ME AND ONLY ME. And that was a little too exciting.

I put together this meal in my head consisting of pirogies, sauerkraut, and sausage, loosely based on something I made a long time ago from Rachael Ray. And I made it last night and it was yummy! All I did was brown the sausage and pirogies and then dump on the sauerkraut and let it warm up. Pretty good, although it could have used some sliced onions. But I was too lazy to slice them.

What I had for lunch yesterday and probably will for several meals is a Granny Smith apple, havarti cheese, some salami (which was yucky…maybe the heating up kills it but I won’t be eating it again), and some multigrain Wheat Thins.

I also bought artichoke hearts so I can make some spinach-artichoke dip, and I got some pimiento cheese (one of those Nashville delicacies).

Some time this week when I have time and am not starving (ha!) I’ll be making homemade pizza dough with pepperoni and green pepper. I should probably do that early in the week so it will make many meals.

And one night I am going out with the girls. Yay!

So, there is a definite lack of recipes here, but I do have a plan! I have a recipe for the pizza crust I may be able to add in later when I get home. All in all, I spent a little bit too much money but it is nice to be able to eat things that I want to eat that Mr. V doesn’t like.

I wish I didn’t have to go buy dog food ’cause now I certainly am hungry!

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  1. I am so easily seduced at the gorcery too!! I really enjoy just walking around the aisle and throwing the random things in my cart- of course I get home with 6 bags of random things and nothing to make a meal with. This weekly planning keeps me on track and organized also!

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