My Bread Keeper

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For some reason this week the word Lord has been on my mind. Maybe because this week of my Bible study was titled “Who is the Lord?” Maybe not. Who knows? Sometimes God just brings things to mind.

But honestly, the word Lord has always sounded funny to me. You know how there are certain words that don’t roll of your tongue? (Like aluminum. I have to think way too hard to say that word.) Lord is one of them for me. This only got worse when a few years ago I listened to The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver on CD in my car. There is an ongoing thing where the main character sees an advertisement for a hotline called 1-800-THE-LORD. Throughout the novel she keeps bringing up that at last resort she could call the hotline. Anyway, now I guess I associated Lord with that novel.

Which is kinda sick, considering I’m a Bible-believing Christian and the way we’ve translated the sacred name of God (Yahweh) is LORD.

So today I decided I must know how we decided to translate Yahweh–as well as Adonai and other Hebrew/Greek names–as Lord. Now, I am certainly no expert, having gotten my information from Web sites. But it seems when the Bible was translated from Latin to English, lord was a Germanic word meaning “bread-keeper.” The lord kept the sustenance for his subjects and distributed it as they needed it.

Oh, how God has kept His word pure. Isn’t that a beautiful word picture? From the One who urged us to pray, “Give us this day our daily bread,” comes this translation that tells us to come to Him, the keeper of the bread, the Lord. He will dole out that bread, the sustenance that we need, just as we need it, in whatever form we need.

When I reflect on trials I’ve endured, I am always amazed at God’s presence there. How he brings people into my life, thoughts into my head, Scriptures to pop into my mind, all that speak to the situation so well. I may not realize it when it is happening, but looking back I can see His perfect provision. The Lord’s bread for me.

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  1. What a great post! A wonderful word picture, indeed. I love the idea of God knowing and then actually giving us the Word as we need it. Awesome!

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