The One Where I’m in a Much Better Mood

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Things I Love:

  • Summer nights. Especially when ice cream is involved.
  • “We Like to Party” by the Vengaboys. For many reasons, most of which involve the GSGIS Language Bowl 2000.
  • Dogs hanging out car windows. Better yet, two matching dogs hanging out the same window, which I saw tonight. Chester can’t do that but I am afraid he will jump out if he sees something he likes. One time I parked at the library with the window half open and him in the back, went to return my book, and he jumped out the half-opened window for fear I might not be coming back.
  • My job–really. I don’t always love all the people, but I adore what I do.
  • Mr. V’s bedhead. The way he assures me I am not stupid even though he is a PhD student. How he puts up with my moods. How he rearranged everything in the nursery and vaccuumed on Thursday. Vaccuumed!!
  • Nesting. I just had my first real bout with it. My entire kitchen is scrubbed, the toilet cleaned on all sides, and I WASHED THE BASEBOARDS in our downstairs bathroom. Which is how I know I’ve truly lost my mind, as I’ve never done that in my life. It is a great way to expend energy, though, and I love wanting to clean. That never happens!
  • MarioKart Wii.
  • Chester’s tongue sticking out when he sleeps and the way he lays on top of his curled paws.
  • Rocking sleeping babies at church.
  • Enjoying a hot bath with a good book. Which is perhaps what I am going to do right now. If I don’t get distracted by the vast amount of things that still need cleaned, the laundry, and my bed.

We find out on Tuesday boy or girl. I have no clue. Who wants to take a guess? Here are my pregnancy symptoms:

  • I was nauseated from weeks 5 to 11 but only threw up a handful of times. Maybe a handful and a half. 🙂
  • I haven’t craved anything really, but could subsist on candy and bread.
  • I am still carrying pretty low. My waist is still somewhat in tact.
  • My hair is growing really fast–including leg hair. Blech.
  • I have severe pain in my tailbone!

Happy guessing. Maybe I’ll give the winner a prize.

4 thoughts on “The One Where I’m in a Much Better Mood

  1. I’m guessing a boy and that he’ll be a perfect blend of both of your good looks, charm, and intelligence. Watch out ladies!

  2. I’m not guessing. Adam vaccuumed! YAY I love that guy. He’s going to be a great father to my grandbaby too!
    Love and MISS YOU!

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