Shopping Spree

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I had a fun little shopping spree on today thanks to a lovely birthday gift from my dear friend Michelle. My only complaint is all over the site they have plastered how you can order things from Gap, ON, and Banana Republic and have them shipped together…but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. Argh. Oh well, just stuck with Old Navy. Here’s what I picked up!

These khakis. I think it’s these. Why can’t I remember?

This little kimono-style top. Oh, who am I kidding? Nothing maternity is “little.” But hopefuly it’ll fit over the belly.

Two of these layering camisoles. Because my old camisoles are no longer covering my belly! I spent a whole day last week with one riding up under a dress and it about drove me batty.

And…these little pink shoes. Cause I totally need more shoes. But these look functional and I can wear them with the khakis to work and hopefully get away with it!!!

Thanks to the gift card, I spent a grand total of $12. Totally worth it!

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