Sleep deprivation

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We had a really nasty thunder and lightning storm. And unlike everyone else I have talked to, I did NOT sleep through it. I went to bed super early last night because I wasn’t feeling well, and so when lightning was practically striking our house at 2:30 am it woke me straight up. I was up until 5. It was not a pleasant night. I did finish (yet another) book and watch part of a Netflix movie. As soon as we came home from church I feel straight asleep on the couch. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

On a bright note, I talked to my friend Emily today. When we were 19, we were summer missionaries together. Although we were 19 and neither of us was in a relationship, mostly we talked about getting married and having babies and having Scrabble parties together. In fact, the first time we met she told me she was getting old and needed to start having babies! LOL. Well, we got married within months of one another in 2004, and now we are both pregnant. And due on the same day!! How wild is that? We’ve enjoyed catching up and comparing for the past few months. Unfortunately she lives quite a bit away so there haven’t been any Scrabble parties yet.

It’s 8:25. Can I go to bed yet?

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