Sleepy Time

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Thought I’d post as I sit here debating between sleeping in bed and on the couch.

Pros to in bed: More comfortable, like the alarm clock better. Cons: Have to listen to dog howl in the cage for interminably long time.

Pros to couch: feel more secure in a small space (what am I, an infant?) with my preggo pillow. No dog whining. Can watch TV til I am almost asleep. Cons: Dog will inevitably wake up at 4:30 with his clickety-clacking and jingle-jangling of toenails and collar. I am close to the front door in case someone tries to break in and kill me. Seems silly.

So…probably the couch.

Just don’t come break into my house, OK?

PS Sorry I keep changing templates. I know that sometimes bothers me when others do it! But I honestly cannot stand when the links run into the regular type and that was happening on my old template. This one is clean and I like it, hopefully will work out. Unless I hit the big-time in blogs and want to get one custom-designed.

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