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I’m having a grouchy kind of day for no apparent reason. Silly of me. I feel slightly better now that I got out of house and ran a few errands. Mr. V and I had to get him some twin sheets to take to camp and got the baby shower gift for my cousin Tricia. She is #2 of 3 cousins who had and are having babies this summer–so fun! And I, of course, am #4 in the fall. We won’t make Thanksgiving with such a tiny baby but I think we are going to hit up Ohio at Christmas so Libbie can meet her new little cousins–and everybody else, of course.

I think the grouchies probably come from the fact that I can’t sleep very well at night already. I woke up at 7:15 this morning and got the dog out, watched part of a movie, then decided just to go back to bed. Slept until 11.

I’m planning big things for this week while Mr. V is gone. I am going to try to tackle one room in the house each day and get this place deep cleaned. Hopefully it will happen. Some days I just have more energy than others. And that’s OK. 🙂 I will sleep when I need to.

I have my Honey-Garlic Chicken in a low oven and can’t wait to dig in. Reminds me a lot of my mom’s pineapple chicken she used to make a lot when we were young. Hope it is equally tasty! I plan on going to the grocery and buying some of my favorite things to eat. When I’m by myself, I like to make snack suppers–little appetizers, green apples with Havarti (can I eat Havarti? need to check), spinach dip. I might make homemade pizza.

Anyway, I suppose that is suficient rambling for now! Happy Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Train of Thought

  1. Have you tried a body pillow yet? I swore it was a ridiculous idea until I sent Russell to wal-mart late one night in desperation and I have been sleeping better ever since. Just a thought.

  2. Hi Jessie!
    I saw your comment on eurosate… and I found my way to your blog. I just had my second little girl a month ago, Elizabeth Jane (Libbie) is such a beautiful name–I love it. Take care! You think you can’t sleep now…just wait! 🙂

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