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I’m sorry, dear readers, but I made some major boo-boos on my Summer Bow-ties recipe earlier this week and I apologize. When I went to make it tonight, I realized my recipe was missing some key ingredients and that was probably not a good thing! It’s mostly seasoning issues but the vegetable broth makes a consistency difference. Of course, you probably could replace the seasonings, oil, vinegar, and broth with a bottled balsamic vinaigrette if you really hate cooking.

Sorry again, I’m really sorry if you’ve tried to make it and it’s lame! Please try the new recipe. 🙂

And despite the fact that Mr. V hates for me to change any of his momma’s recipes, I made it tonight with rotini (corkscrew) pasta and it was just as good. Although honestly it did cling differently and it’s better with bow-ties.

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