Digging to America

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Last night I finished this Anne Tyler book, Digging to America. I really just love Tyler’s writing and am always trying to bring people over to the “dark side” of adoring her as much as I do. It doesn’t work.

I don’t think I’ve found anyone else who likes her work like I do, even though people must buy it because she is pretty popular and has 17 novels. In college I constantly tried to get my friends to read my favorite Tyler book, Saint Maybe. And some of them would, but then they would hate it … and it would hurt my feelings! LOL. But really it’s one of my top 5 books ever and I couldn’t imagine anyone really hating it like that. I guess we’re all that way about our favorite books, or movies, or whatever.

Digging to America is about two families (set in modern day, it starts in 1997 I think) who adopt baby girls from Korea. One family is American as can be, one family is Iranian. The novel focuses on the mother of the Iranian dad, Maryam, and her feeling of outsider even after many years in the US.

I could picture all the characters vividly in my head and found myself loving even the obnoxious ones. I really think Tyler has a talent for painting portraits with her words. And every reader should give her a chance! I am astonished it took me two years to get around to reading this great novel!

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