Menu Plan Monday

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We’re leaving to go out of town on Friday, so it’s a short week. Here’s what I plan on making.

These simple pepperoni rolls, only using just 1 bread dough roll.

Chicken Cutlets with pasta and homemade tomato sauce

Little League Stew–It is from The Stuffed Cougar cookbook, which was compiled in the 70s by a bunch of old ladies in Richmond, Virginia. Author called it Little League Stew because she cooked it for 4 hours in the oven during the ball games. I think it’s equally yummy in the crockpot. Yes, I do realize it’s going to be 104, but Mr. V requested it and who cares, it’s air conditioned inside.

See the recipe with pictures here.

Hm, I just realized something. Today is Sunday, and we’ve already eaten. Wednesday night we go to church to eat. Thursday night is our 4th anniversary and we have reservations at a nice restaurant. So…I may just make the stew and be done with it for this week! Oh well, it’ll save. Just expect to see the same things next week that I said I was making this week!

8 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Hi! I just stopped by your blog to check out your menu. I’m going to bookmark your stew recipe- it sounds very good!

    Had to laugh at your blog name. My Dh and I are both Vandy grads. He graduated 1990 and then went to VU Law school- graduated in 93. I graduated in 1991.

    Did you or your DH go there or are one of you employed there?


  2. I think I’ll try the stew. Have a roast, carrot, potatoes in the fridge, but no red wine.

    Better google a substitute, quick!

  3. Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the Little League Stew!

    I made it with 2.5 lb roast for last night’s dinner (counting on leftovers).

    Everyone loved it so much–and wanted it again for lunch–that I have to cook a different meal for tonight.

    I ended up subbing the wine for 1/2 cup V-8 left in the fridge.

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