One-of-those-days Menu Plan

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Yeah, it’s Tuesday, not Monday–again. I was not feeling it yesterday and anyway I came home and directly dove under my covers and slept for two hours. I guess it’s another baby growth spurt because I can’t seem to get enough sleep.

Then last night at 8:30 I decided the whole nursery needed rearranging to accommodate my glider and ottoman from downstairs (I may be the only person in the world who had one of these pre-pregnancy! I’ve had it for several years and it is a great reading chair). My ever-patient husband broke down the keyboard to pack it away, unplugged a wall of electronic devices, moved the end table to our bedroom, and moved the crib so I could sleep in peace knowing I will be able to rock my baby in her room.

Now to deal with that pile of stuff we have to get rid of! Anyone need a TV and DVD player from the year 2000?

Oh, yes, the menu plan.

I still haven’t made this Southwest Pasta Bake, so that is on the menu for tonight (and will be leftovers for several nights).

Tomorrow night we’ll eat at church. And I took some barbecue out of the freezer and will serve it with some kind of starchy side. Perhaps baked potatoes. If you follow the recipe link, you will find something that seems incredibly difficult. And you will laugh to yourself, knowing that I would never, ever make anything like that. I prepare the pork as it says (rub with spices and set overnight), then dump the rest of the spices and the first sauce on it and let it cook in the crockpot all day. It’s delicious!

I really need one more recipe probably. Anyone have any bright ideas? Honestly…leave me a comment!

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