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Sometimes I worry that I don’t have enough pictures here to keep your average blog reader entertained. After all, I am no budding photographer of any type or kind. I am a writer. But then I think about how I enjoy seeing pictures on others’ sites and wonder if that is what keeps me enthralled–that I can see those writers in my head. But shouldn’t my writing be enough?
So anyway, here’s a lovely picture post for you, just in case.
Tonight I made the Southwestern Pasta Bake from Rachael Rays 365 cookbook. It was OK, nothing too special, but it did look pretty. The chicken was very tasty but I feel like my cheese sauces are always lacking. Not enough cheese? Not enough something else? This one even had cilantro and parsley in it (albeit, I used dried). Still missing something. But I did think it turned out really nice-looking! And that’s something. If you want to see some real food pictures, go to Pioneer Woman Cooks or Pinch My Salt.
Today at work we had a shower for a co-worker. It made me a little nervous because all she got was clothes and blankets. And those are super cute…but you do need other things for a baby. And since we are not rolling in dough, it would be helpful if I got those things at my showers. But either way I will be super appreciative, of course. And darn, Libbie will be dressed well even if we don’t have a stroller! Anyway, my dear friend and co-worker Carolyn bought Libbie a present too while she was shopping for our other co-worker. Isn’t it precious???

If you want to see some wonderful pictures of cute kids in equally cute clothes, check out Life with the Ferrells.

And lastly…here’s my baby belly from last weekend in Ohio. From left to right is my cousin’s wife Julie with their six-week-old son Aaron, my cousin Tricia who was 32 weeks preggo, and me. The green shirt perhaps makes me look most pregnant of all my clothes, and it’s so cute!

I also love Evie’s site for great photography, and these recent posts from Amy Beth are absolutely insanely gorgeous. So there you go. Don’t come here expecting great pictures. But I will try to post some from time to time if it makes me relate to my “public.” Heh.

3 thoughts on “Picture-ific

  1. How sweet are you! 🙂

    I got your comment about my quiet time post, but I can’t email you back because my silly email still isn’t letting me send anything out. But I totally feel you and agree with everything you said. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see more baby gifts!!!

  2. You’re so kind to mention me!! Thank you for thinking of me that way. 🙂

    Pinch My Salt totally rocks. Have you checked out her photostream on flickr? Amazing.

    By the way, you are just the cutest mommy-to-be!! That outfit for your daughter is SO adorable. *sigh* I love baby clothes…they’re so darn cute.

  3. Hey! I bought that shirt! Hehe. You are a cute preggie. I love you even though you gave me this dumb monstrous cold 🙂 Hope Libbie’s not making you TOO tired.

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