Thinking Frugually

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For awhile now, I’ve been reading Money Saving Mom and Like Merchant Ships and occasionally a few other blogs on deals and being frugal and etcetera. And I try. I really do.

I try to clip coupons, which then I let go past their expiration dates for the most part. But…I’m not going to buy something just because I have a coupon.

I try to think of cheap meals, but I also really love trying new recipes from Cooking Light and other places, like my Rachael Ray cookbooks, which always seem to have 43 ingredients per recipe.

For a very brief period of time I even considered “CVSing,” which seems like such a good idea…but also seems to involve math, which I cannot wrap my head around. (I was really excited though when one day I spent 3.50 on things I needed and got back a $4 off $20 coupon! Now I just need to use it!)

Sometimes I think all these sites do is make me feel bad about spending money. But in a way, they are starting to bash into my head ways of frugal living which we are definitely going to have to employ after the baby makes her grand debut. And maybe one day I will see it less of a battle and more of a lifestyle–a way of beauty, as Meredith does up there at Like Merchant Ships.

For now, here’s my one great frugal tip you should not pass up!

For years I’ve been a member of When you join, click that you are interested in everything and you will get the most e-mails. Also, if you want to put me down as a reference, use jezzilynne @ yahoo . com (only all together of course). Or e-mail me at that e-mail in the sidebar and I will send you a referral. Anyway, once you join, they send you several e-mails a day that are ads. When you click on an ad, you get points (usually 5 points). These points accumulate and you can use them to “buy” gift cards as rewards. Over the years I’ve received many gift cards for Starbucks, Macy’s, Overstock, and my favorite, Red Lobster. You can also buy things at other sites (like or Overstock) and if you go through the MyPoints web site you get so many points per dollar.

Anyway, that might sound complicated but it’s super easy and a great way to get free money! So there’s my little frugal tip.

And maybe someday I will feel truly frugal and know how to maintain that lifestyle. As I left from getting a pedicure yesterday, all I could think was how I am sure Money Saving Mom never does that!!

But it was fantastic.

3 thoughts on “Thinking Frugually

  1. i’ll have to check out mypoints. i have the patience for CVSing (i even think its fun) so maybe i can turn this into a game.

  2. Would it make you feel better to know I only clip a few coupons and do not CVS at all?

    When my husband became diabetic, I switched to more of a whole food diet. Coupons were no longer worth as much of my time as they once were.

    I concentrate on doing the frugal things I love and don’t feel guilty about the rest!

  3. I’ve been doing MyPoints for two years and just got two more friends onto it this week… I think it’s an easy (and great!) way to earn a free gift card:o).

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