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I passed my one-hour glucose tolerance test! Yahoo! I have been convinced all along that I would have gestational diabetes because I have a history of insulin resistance with my PCOS. It is the only thing my doctor has ever expressed concern over. So this is GREAT news for me. It means I don’t even have to go through the three-hour test and be pricked a bunch of times. I am especially happy because I had a bad experience getting this test done and have a big old blue bruise on my arm to prove it.

Libbie, Mr. V, and I are doing great! I am looking forward to resting this weekend. We have supper club tomorrow night, which is always fun, although it’s a late night. And on Sunday we have church and then a baby shower for our children’s minister, who is also a good friend. She is also having a little girl and lives very close–we hope they will be good playmates!

2 thoughts on “Yay!

  1. Good for you!

    I don’t have mine till next month, but I’m already dreading drinking that stuff plus another 24 ounces of water for an ultrasound.


  2. I’m very, very glad for you! I had to do the long test and YUCK! I’m happy to hear you have been spared the privilege.

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