Exhausting Weekend

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It’s been a pretty tiring weekend for Mrs. V and the babe. But good! And obviously nowhere near as exhausting as last weekend’s whirlwind trip to Pittsburgh.

Friday night, fairly oblivious to the fact that the amazing opening ceremonies were on, Mr. V and I went to the outlet mall because I had a gift card to Motherhood Maternity we got from Discover Rewards. I wanted to buy camisoles that would go over my belly, but no such luck. I ended up with two ribbed tank tops that I can wear under some things and at least around the house if nothing else, and two very pretty shirts to wear to my showers.

While we were at the mall, we went into a store that has open returns, or store models, or something to that degree and found the exact high chair we registered for marked at half off. It was in a sealed box so I’m not sure how they got it, except that it is online-only so maybe someone got it by accident and returned it to a store. Anyway, we were thrilled to find it since I had figured no one would buy it since it was online-only, and now we have our adorable little high chair for a steal!

Saturday I went to the gym to swim and then to the grocery. I knew we were going to a housewarming party, but for some reason I thought it was later than it was in the day. I got back from the grocery around 1 and we ended up going to the party about 3:30 and staying until it “closed down.” Then the couple whose house it was decided to come to the theatre with us, where we saw the musical “Working.” So it was about 11 when we got home last night.

This morning was church. Mr. V and I did our last day of watching crawling babies during early service. We’ve been doing it for a year but because of my ever-expanding belly and inability to get on the floor it was time to back down. I will miss those little squirts, though. We’ve had a lot of fun and learned a ton the last year in there! After Sunday School and service we had a going-away lunch for a couple who is moving to Asheville. So after all that I took a nice long nap!

And now I am in the kitchen working away on a dinner to take to friends tomorrow night. The wife part of our former Sunday School teacher-couple was in a horrific car accident in May. It broke both of her legs and she is still in a wheelchair. So a few Sunday School classes are trying to keep them in meals for a few months! I made this chicken pot pie and chocolate chip pie from Paula Deen … I don’t think I tell her the sum total of heavy cream and butter in this stuff …

So that’s it for now! Off to bed before too terribly long.

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  1. So you got your high chair? You said swing in the first part of the blog and I thought you already had a swing. Have a wonderful week – luv you bunches! Mom

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