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Well, I can’t say I’ve been very regular in participating in “Fetus Fridays” for Amy Beth and Roomie. Mostly because I have no advice, I need the advice too! Also, I love you AB, but I really hate the word fetus. To me it is what you call the baby if you don’t actually consider it a baby. I know that is not what you mean at all, it is just how I tend to interpret the word!

Anyway, this week’s question was: What do you pack for the hospital?

This is a topic we’ve thrown around lately on my mommy-to-be message board, so I thought I’d relay the advice I’ve been given and then ask for your help as well!

Most of the ladies who are already moms say: pack much lighter than you think you need to. You will need a few outfits for you–yoga pants and pajamas you don’t mind if they get ruined seem to be the main staples. If your partner in labor will not be able to get back home quickly, you will need clothes for him/her as well. Remember, trips home are going to get old. For yourself, you definitely need a nursing bra (although I’ve been confused on how to know what size you need??). Up in the air is whether you need to bring your own toiletries…I guess the hospital probably provides these? For baby, you just need what you will have to have for going home: an incredibly cute outfit or two for going home and pictures; a carseat; maybe a blanket. I think most moms have asserted having some entertainment, like a few DVDs, also helps. And of course, the camera!!

So, what do you think? What should I pack for the hospital? I tend to underpack, actually, most of the time and I don’t want to have to send Mr. V running home half an hour away too many times.

I am definitely keeping our bag in the car from 36 weeks on, because I am working right up to when I have the baby, and I don’t want to worry about running home for it when I am in labor!!

6 thoughts on “The Hospital Bag

  1. I just found your blog from AB’s and I thought I would give you a few tips!

    -Buy a nursing tankor two and a “sleeper” nursing bra to use until you know about what size you will be
    -bring your own toiletries because it feels SO nice to be able to use your own stuff!

    I left other tips in AB’s comments so make sure you check back there for advice from other mommy’s!

    Having your sweet baby will change your life! 🙂

  2. I packed my bag, since I’m going 2x a week from here on out. I have this fear that one day he’ll say, Oh, we’re going to have to have this baby today!

    I don’t know where you are delivering, but my friend who’s had all hers at Vanderbilt says there is no food service at night. So, if you have the baby at 10 pm and are STARVING later, it’s a problem.

    I suggest tucking in some delivery menus just in case. I have always been famished after labor.

    And definitely don’t invest in nursing bras until your milk comes in, up to a week after birth.

    If you are like me you may need to go to a specialty store as Target, Walmart etc only go up to 38 or 40.

  3. I too found you from AB's blog.

    I went to Motherhood and they helped me to pick 1 nursing bra pre-baby using their "normal projections." I bought more after baby was born & my milk came in. But they were pretty close to right on. Make sure that when you purchase nursing bras that they are easily unlatched with one hand. It is a big hassle to put baby down when they are screaming for their next meal. One hand unlatching was a necessity in my book!

    I agree that bringing your own toiletries was much nicer. Although I did have one nurse search through the hospital to find me nice toiletries! But that is not the norm.

  4. Bravado makes bras that are very friendly to the fluctuating breast size postpartum. You can find them online – they’re a little pricey but incredibly comfy and very long-lasting.

    Definitely bring underwear and a nightgown that you don’t care if it gets ruined. Actually, with my second child I didn’t bring a nightgown because I knew the hospital had nursing nightgowns for new moms – you might want to call and check on that, its a pain to try to nurse in a non-nursing nightgown when you’re in bed.

    Here’s my be-all, end-all tip: Pack a basket with goodies for the nurses along with a thank you note and a copy of your birth plan and put it right next to your bag by the door so you can take it to the hospital. I did that both times and my husband took it to the nursing station as we checked into the labor/birth area of the hospital. The nurses are a thousand times nicer when you bring them treats! I bought a box of otis spunkmeier (sp?) packaged muffins and put in some individually pre-packaged pepridge farm cookies and the nurses really, really appreciated it.

  5. Since you are local, I can recommend Rebecca Vaughn’s in Green Hills. I went and was measured for nursing bras before my 2nd daughter (about 1-2 weeks before her birth) and they were right on target for what I needed. And the ones I bought were great quality and have held up beautifully.

    Oh, and pack chapstick! Your lips will get very dry!

  6. Yes ma’am, take your own toiletries!!!

    And, a good friend recommended that I take my own maxi pads… and was she ever right! The ones that my hospital provided were HORRIBLE!

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