I Want to Be a Joshua

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I had the great privilege of attending the Going Beyond conference this weekend. It is Priscilla Shirer’s conference for LifeWay, a Friday night and Saturday morning deal. Your typical LifeWay conference–worship music and a fantastic speaker. Only I had never BEEN to a LifeWay women’s conference before. I am not sure how this has happened, since I not only work there, I work on many of the authors’ products who speak at these conferences! But I suppose they like to see me strapped in front of my computer, editing until my eyes glaze over.

Anyway, Priscilla’s message about Going Beyond was about the Israelites traveling to the promised land (which is–amazingly–what her next product, Going Beyond, is about!). Saturday morning she talked about Joshua taking over from Moses as the leader of the Israelites, and their different styles. And man…I want to be Joshua. Here are her points from the Saturday morning session:

1. Act immediately in obedience to God. While Moses questioned whether God was really sure He wanted him, Moses, not say, Aaron, Joshua did exactly as he was told–both when Moses asked him to lead the army against the Amalekites and when God told him to cross the Jordan River, even though it was raging and they had to step in before the current would calm. Like Abraham when he was ordered to sacrifice Isaac, Joshua performed his duties “early the next morning.” Even in the face of something scary, Joshua took action right away.

2. Joshua acted fearlessly in spite of insurmountable odds. He wasn’t bogged down by fear. It’s not that we won’t be afraid, but we can’t be claimed by a spirit of fear. Since God tells us that He doesn’t give us a spirit of fear, if we have one we know it’s from Satan. Priscilla shared that she usually knows when she is supposed to do something because she will be overwhelmed with fear about it!

3. Acknowledge God’s presence before making a move. God commanded that the Israelites not move until they saw the Ark of the Covenant moving. They had to stay back an appropriate distance so they could see where it was going.

4. Anticipate God’s miracles all around you. Joshua had confidence that God would do what He said He would do!!

I’ve been really feeling for a long time that I needed to be leading Bible study in my home. I’ve been a part of a home Bible study for a couple years and I love it. The teacher is amazing. So I’ve been incredibly hesitant to consider not being part of the study. But God’s kept laying it on my heart that I need to do this. I do not feel like I am a gifted teacher, and that is my major issue. But I’ve been trying to act in obedience, and so tomorrow I start the study. I will have two girls here with me unless someone else shows up unexpectedly! I was hoping for more, but I really believe it will be what God wants it to be. Please pray for me, that I won’t be held back with fear and that I will be a decent host and not hold back anyone from learning and growing.

Sorry for the ginormous post!! Hope you’re having a healthy and happy Monday.

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  1. From someone who’s lead Bible Study before: Ask questions and let them answer, they’ll learn plenty. Don’t worry!!! 🙂 You’ll be awesome. Didn’t you want to be a teacher at one point when you moved to Nashville? hehe

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