The Olympics Are Evil

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Because obviously they are COMPLETELY to blame for me staying up until 10:45 last night. (Have I mentioned lately that I am pregnant and usually in bed before 9?)

And I have to confess, I don’t get the “Michael Phelps is hot” thing. He’s a kid. With funny teeth. And a whole lotta gold. Ohhh…maybe that’s it. Or maybe just compared to most of the other male athletes he’s looking pretty good.

But really…who can resist a sporting event when you always have someone to cheer for? Go USA!

Also…I seem to have managed to glue my contact in with mascara somehow this morning. A little frightened. And blurry.

3 thoughts on “The Olympics Are Evil

  1. Yeah I think it’s all the gold. Of course, the swimmer’s body doesn’t hurt either. If you’re into that sort of thing. 🙂

    Good luck w/ the contact. Scary indeed!

  2. Totally – Michael Phelps – not so hot! Maybe it’s just that body! Not that I’m looking – I don’t do that kind of thing.
    HA! I entered a blog contest to try to win you something – I think it some girly bows – something that Donavan doesn’t need!

  3. I have been staying up entirely too late as well watching them, and the kids have been going later and later each night.

    We have finally become wise and started DVR-ing the prime time (yeah right, until 1 am?) coverage and watching it the next day while that day’s coverage is being recorded.

    I’m just done with the beach volleyball. Isnt’ there anything else to show us? Do we have to watch every single point of every single match? Men’s gymnastics was cut and we didn’t get to see the US do all of the events.

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