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I was in a pretty wretched car accident last year on October 30th. I wasn’t hurt at all except for a little “hole” in my left arm where glass from the window got me. I have a little scar there–a little raised circle. And it’s still pink.

The doctor told me it would be red for awhile, but fade within a year. Well, since that whole week of October 30th is what I am counting down to, I can tell you that is now 72 days away. And I’m still pinky-red. It kind of bothers me. The scar itches sometimes. It’s the only noticeable scar I have, and I don’t like it.

I have a few other interesting and less noticeable scars. I can feel one behind my ear where my parents’ dog tried to take off my ear when I was a toddler. I have a small line on my foot where someone/I? managed to open the door at church onto my foot. And I have a scar on my chin, from when I thought it would be a good idea to walk on the garden planks in my grandma’s back yard with my eyes closed while playing hide and seek with my cousin. Fell on a plank and busted my chin straight open. I was 6.

I’ve worried about the possible scars from having this baby. I really, really don’t want to have a c-section. I’d never even been in the hospital until two years ago (except for above incidents, which I don’t remember) and I am truly horrified of having surgery. I’ve been nervous about just staying overnight in the hospital since I haven’t ever before. But, you know what? Some things are just not worth worrying over. What will happen will happen. Maybe I’ll have this ideal non-medicated childbirth where I only have to push for minutes. Probably not. But it’s something I am forcing myself to relax about.

As Someone very wise once said, all this worrying is not going to make me one stinking inch taller. Unfortunately. So I need to let it go.

4 thoughts on “Scarred

  1. Hey Sweetie!
    Any scars you may or may not have aren’t going to matter one iota when you have that precious little girl in your arms. AND, those scars would be in places where only and Adam would see them, so it doesn’t matter!

  2. I think you’re being incredibly level-headed. I’d be a nervous wreck. In fact, I am a nervous wreck about the whole idea of having kids, thus my lack thereof. You’re amazing and when the time comes, you’ll work it like a champ. Just stay away from that dog’s cheez-its!!

  3. Word, What Cullen said!

    I had a c-section the first go round and that scar is hardly noticeable.

    It will all be ok. Just call upon your faith and you will be great!

  4. Although staying in a hospital overnight isn’t the best ever, I have found that the medical staff is always tremendously nice and helpful. The food might leave something to be desired, and maybe you’ll want your own pillow, but it could be a lot worse.

    But you are right, worrying isn’t going to help much at all.

    Good luck with your pregnancy. It is an interesting blog topic to talk about your scars and where you got them.

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