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How on earth did it get to be Thursday already? This week has been a bit of a blur, between the massive ziti cooking on Monday night, the Bible study beginning on Tuesday, and speaking to a class of 5th grade girls at church last night about Cottage Cove. Tonight I have to pack for Ohio because we’re leaving straight from work tomorrow! My very first baby shower is in Ohio on Sunday and I couldn’t be more excited.

The last few days it has become very real that I will have a real-life daughter soon! I am anxious to be home for a night or two so I can finish clearing out the nursery!! It’s pretty much ready for things to be moved in, I just need to start organizing. Someone asks me every day if I have it decorated yet. Well, no. A) I haven’t had a shower yet and I can’t afford to buy all the stuff for it myself! B) We are not going to do any heavy-duty decorating, like painting, since we’re going to have to move next summer most likely. We do have furniture in there, a swing, and a closet of baby stuff accumulating!

Do you remember this sweet cowgirl outfit I posted about a month or so ago? Well, apparently one of the girls on my SoulCysters message board did, because yesterday she informed me it was finally ON SALE! Not only was it on sale, sale was 20% extra off, and I had another 20% off coupon (supplied by same sweet cyster). So I made a lunchtime trek to Gymboree yesterday and ended up with the little peasant dress, a pink cardigan with horsies on it, the pink cowboy boots, AND pink cowboy hat. Oh dear. Now I truly think it’s ridiculous when people spend a lot of money on kids’ clothes, because they outgrow them so quickly. And I spent about $40 on all of this, which for me is a lot!! BUT the way the dress is cut she should be able to wear it for awhile; I haven’t bought anything else for this child that wasn’t on clearance or at a yard sale; and she’s gotta have a truly adorable picture dress, right?? No more clothes splurges for this momma though…at least not for awhile.

Well, back to work for the time being.

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