Trash Bag Dresses and Drama Queens

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Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with Project Runway? I am so not a TV person and right now it is the only show I watch regularly (How I Met Your Mother and The Office back soon!!). If you don’t watch it, this post may make no sense to you; but I need to rant!

This year is so completely different from last year, which was the first season I watched (although since I have watched most of season 3 in reruns and all of season 1 on DVD). Mr. V and I decided last night that every contestant left is a drama queen except Leigh Anne, who is really just boring and Mr. V says “should not be allowed to dress herself.” She generally makes nice things, but her own clothes stink.

So we have Stella, who speaks in the worst accent ever and refuses to make anything that’s not leather. Come on! Like we need another person who can only do one thing (can we say Rami from last year?). Unfortunately she’s managed not to be the worst so far, although she came close in the first challenge. Watching her just makes me want to scream and pull my hair out.

Korto and her sweet potato coat last night made me laugh, but generally she’s pretty likeable. Terri, Joe, and Jerell are also not too bad. Daniel I could shoot. His stuff is insanely ugly and he keeps talking about how his taste is so “upscale” and “impeccable.” Yo, dude, back it up. Suede needs to stop talking about Suede in third person. It’s getting on Jessie’s nerves. And Blayne…needs a brain transplant. I think all the tanning has zapped it completely.

Then we have Kenley, who has possibly the most annoying laugh in the world and seems to think very highly of herself. Her clothes aren’t bad but she is another I just wish one of the contestants would slap.

There is so much drama going on I feel like they’re not even concentrating on the clothes. I feel like last night was the first night that they actually showed all the outfits being worked on before they were on the runway. I don’t want to watch Big Brother–I want to watch fashion!

OK, sorry for this break from regularly scheduled programming. I’m off to try to stay up and watch some gymnastics. I don’t need to sleep tonight, right? Tomorrow is Friday and I only have to survive work for 8 hours and then run after kids for 2 hours during their first week at school…
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