34 weeks

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Well, due to childbirth classes this weekend I am totally and completely ready to have this baby! I’m an expert. Right?

In any case, I feel better about going to the hospital we’ve chosen. If I do want to have a nonmedicated birth I feel much more assured that they won’t strap me to the bed and not let me move as I will need to. I hope I can labor mostly at home…but the hospital is half an hour away, so I don’t want to cut it too close. My mom went from 5cm to 10cm in half an hour both times, and so I do worry a little–I don’t want to be pushing in the car!! Ick!

I am 34 weeks today and feel pretty ready to bring this child into the world. I think it’s almost a gift from God that by this point you are so stinking ready to NOT be pregnant you would go perform your own c-section with an Xacto knife just to get the baby out. I think it takes the edge off the fear of the unknown. I am choosing to not be scared of labor. Women have been doing it for a whole heck of a lot of years, people. I am actually more nervous about bringing Libbie home and not knowing what to do. And I know that will happen! But it will pass. We’ll be OK.

I am starting to have Braxton-Hicks contractions a few times a day. And this baby is still moving around, wild as can be. THAT worries me too!

Well, I have Bruschetta Chicken baking away in the oven and am looking forward to resting tonight after being away most of this weekend at the hospital. A good book and a pot of Madagascar Vanilla Red tea are looking mighty fine.

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