All I Think about Is Food

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And sleep. Seriously.

And of course, getting the house ready for baby’s entrance! We are definitely getting there. My hospital bag is almost all packed. Her crib is made up, the bassinet needs to move back upstairs but the sheets are clean for it. We have clean clothes and blankets for her. I am due in less than five weeks! Still thinking I will probably go past due, but we shall see!

Anyway, here’s what our menu plan looks like for this week.

Monday: A darling friend is bringing us dinner tonight in lieu of a shower gift. Amen and hallelujah. She said she’s bringing chicken Parmesan. Mmmmmm.

Tuesday & Thursday: hash brown casserole with ham, using Shannon‘s recipe here.
I will definitely only be making a 1/2 batch because a) I would gain 20 more lbs. and b) it would take us a LONG time to eat a whole batch

Wednesday: church–pot roast this week. Yum!

Friday: broccoli and cheese soup. Bring on fall! (By the way, if you are looking for some great soup recipes, BooMama did this Soup-Tacular roundup last winter. I LOVE soup!)

Saturday: supper club
Sunday: you know the deal. Eat what you can find.

For more menu plans, check out I’m An Organizing Junkie.

Sidenote: When I checked on OrgJunkie, I realized it’s “Family Favorites” week. While we are eating my favorite soup, I’m not sure that counts as a family favorite. Here are a few recipes Mr. V and I both love:

Little League Stew
Mama’s Meatloaf
Balsamic Chicken and Tortellini

If you and Mr. V are VERY lucky, later this week I will bake some pumpkin cookies and share the recipe with you. Since it is fall now, I need to get that baking bug out and prove to Mr. V one last time I do try to be a good wife before I lapse into new-mommy mode!

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