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The Southern Girl’s Guide to Proper Political Discourse: What Your Momma Should’ve Told You over at Rocks in My Dryer–yes, yes, and yes. I have to admit my PET PEEVE during election years is people at church assuming you vote a certain way. Or in my case, at my company. We have no right to assume that and honestly I don’t think church is the place we should be discussing politics, really. Anyway….that rant now over. Click above link.

I think I’ve been craving fall food, as recently I’ve starred these recipes on my Google Reader: Dimply Plum Cake, Crockpot Applesauce Chicken, and Easy Tomato Soup.

Angie just makes me laugh. I was so excited to see her on Sunday at my baby shower at church! I can’t imagine what she has been through the last 9 months and yet she is still so sweet, so gracious, and so amazing. Here’s a classic Angie post: The Sticks and the Panties. And if by chance you have not yet been to Bring the Rain, go back to the beginning and read it all. You won’t regret it.

And I gotta say, I’ve been loving this blog lately: Southern Girl Rambling. Maybe it’s because she has divine decorating sense (which I lack in a major way), lives in a log cabin, or just exudes Southern-lady-ness…in any way, check it out!

Stay tuned for a big old baby shower post…but for now I am too tired and lack the needed pictures.

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