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…is how I would describe most of my time now. I am really suffering from that late-pregnancy exhaustion! Which equals very few blog posts. I am sorry, my few faithful readers, for this. This week had just not been good. Some crazy things going on at work. Pretty much I just want to cry and sleep lately. It will all be OK. Libbie is due in 6 1/2 weeks–yahoo!!

For now, here’s some posts you might enjoy!

Stephanie’s post on Cabbage Patch Kids made me smile today. You can scroll down and see my comment about my beloved doll Ginger. Stephanie also posts at Adventures in Babywearing is about to pop with her fourth child and first daughter!

BooMama’s interview with her five-year-old son cracked me up.

Antique Mommy’s posts never fail to get me. She is an excellent writer. This one made me cry.

And three cheers for Pioneer Woman’s brother Mike today over at Confessions. I *confess* that sometimes I am bored by her horses and farm pictures posts, but this one made me remember why I come back and read her every day! Oh, and of course, the food.

2 thoughts on “Half-Asleep

  1. Aw- thanks for the link! It’s fun to reminisce about old toys!

    And I’ll have to check out Pioneer Woman- I don’t read her but thought that all she did post was horse pictures!


  2. I can’t believe it’s so close now!

    Take lots of time right now to pamper yourself, watch lots of tv, read if you can, and relax!!!

    I remember at my first appointment with my OB she said she’d make only one promise – that no matter what, the baby would eventually come out. I kinda laughed then, but there at the end, it was almost a mantra: “Yes, she’ll come out eventually” over and over 😀

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