The Hormones, They Rage

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Reasons I have wanted to or have cried today:

1. Dropped my mom off at the airport. That made me near-teary. Then I heard this sappy song on the Christian station after I dropped Mr. V off, and I lost it. Bawled all the way to work and had to compose myself just to come inside!

2. As soon as I got to work one of my coworkers came in and sort of ranted at me for something that happened while I was out of the office at the video shoot last week.

3. All of that made me very sick to my stomach and I teared up in Carolyn‘s office just thinking about it all.

4. I don’t have my regular purse and I did not have my beloved Orbitz Sweetmint gum. I did, however, have at least 4 tubes of lipgloss.

5. I have to run an errand after work. There is still little gas in Nashville plus I am exhausted. Whine, whine.

6. My co-workers gave me a lecture on how I don’t need an AngelCare monitor. Now I don’t know if I want it or not but I don’t know what monitor to get. And I don’t want to worry about SIDS. I also don’t want to worry about Libbie getting the cord wrapped around her neck and dying in utero, which is what I have been doing today. Why am I crazy??? (And please…tell me what monitor I need!)

7. I am so tired of being hungry I really did almost cry over it today. Half an hour after getting back from lunch I was ravenous. I don’t understand!! If I don’t stop eating I am going to gain another 30 pounds but I can’t not eat when I am hungry. Arrrgh!

I need to go home and sleep.

3 thoughts on “The Hormones, They Rage

  1. Who in the world’s business is it what monitor you want??????????????
    If they don’t think you need it then don’t buy it, dumb *#$@. Sorry, shouldn’t cuss but don’t like them upsetting my baby. Let me know how your shower goes. I love you!!!! Mom

  2. definitely get what you want. People will continue to give you advice get use to saying ” thank you” and walking away. Just stick to doing whatever works and feels right to you.

    As for a monitor, we have a video monitor we LOVE even though many said was overkill. Gives me great peace of mind too aNd saves me from getting out of bed unnecessarily.

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