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Oh, life. It does get in the way of blogging, doesn’t it? I’ve been running around like a crazy woman since Thursday. Thursday I was cleaning up, trying to get ready for a Mom visit (as much as I can clean…which isn’t much!). I had an eye doctor’s appointment, and then was driving out to Lebanon (45 min to an hour drive) for our first night of video shooting.

You remember my extreme excitement over having food from the infamous Sunset for dinner?

We didn’t.

They should not be allowed to do that to Pregnant Lady. Libbie almost crawled out and smacked somebody. But they did feed me, so I shouldn’t complain too very much.

The video shoot has gone very well despite the “gas shortage” in Nashville (AKA everyone in nashville is apparently psycho because there is a rumor we have no gas–which has only been accelerated by the fact that there are only about 2 stations within 10 miles that have any gas–which equals insane lines at those 2 stations. Look it up on CNN. This is not happening anywhere else. I don’t get it.) AND a gigantic accident that shut down the interstate yesterday afternoon. Mom and I had a major adventure trying to get to Lebanon. I don’t really like major adventures when I’m driving. Especially when I have less than 1/4 a tank of gas because there is no place to fill up.

Anyway, the video shoot has gone swimmingly, it is over now and we’re at home. I have a baby shower tomorrow and then one on Tuesday! And then I guess I putter around for a few weeks waiting for Baby to get here. It’s a good thing real TV is coming on again!

Enough babble for now. Enjoy your Saturday evening.

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