The Menu Plan, Maybe

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I have to force myself to write these some days because otherwise I will forget what I bought stuff to make. Seriously!

Last night I made the Pretzel-Coated Drumsticks I mentioned in last week’s post. They turned out well but were WAY too spicy for me. I would cut the cayenne down by at least half if I made them again. I know I’ve made this before but maybe I just cut it back automatically, since usually I run and hide from cayenne pepper. I will admit I am very weak when it comes to spicy things. I think Mr. V was thrilled to have something with a kick. Also, the extra topping that fell off the drumsticks while they cooked made a yummy topping on the macaroni and cheese we had with them. 🙂

Anyway, this week!

Tuesday: lemon-pepper tilapia that I admittedly bought pre-seasoned at the grocery so I can just throw it in the oven. Probably with whole wheat couscous and some veggie from the freezer.

Wednesday: dinner at church. Which I just looked up, and is pork chops with “rush potatoes.” What the heck are those??

Thursday: I have breastfeeding class at the hospital Thursday night, so I don’t think I will probably come home beforehand. (Just looked IT up, since I can remember nothing, and it doesn’t start until 6:30. That means I can come into work good and late. Yahoo!) Will be eating something quickly downtown, or bringing it with me to work.

Friday: Stromboli, assuming I can remember to make the dough Thursday night. And since I am commenting on everything, when I went to get turkey sausage for this, I could fine none. ZERO. Usually they have sweet or hot Italian turkey sausage links at Kroger. No such luck. I was quite upset.

Saturday & Sunday: out/leftovers

Unfortunately I think I still have to go to the grocery since we’re out of breakfast and lunch things and milk. But it should be an easy trip!

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