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I have been doing a lot of commenting on other people’s blogs and not a whole lot of writing myself, it seems. Truthfully, I am nearly 36 weeks pregnant and I just feel bad most of the time. I can’t wait to have this little baby in my home. I am anxious to meet her–and anxious to have my body back. Especially my ribs!

I thought I’d share some pictures from my three baby showers and hope that makes a post. 🙂 My first shower was August 31, in Ohio with family. I am blessed to have all of my grandparents and many extended family members to all live very close together in Ohio. My parents and sister came from Philly as did my in-laws! It was so great to see everyone and I received many, many wonderful things that we badly needed!! I wasn’t sure I even needed any more showers after this one! I didn’t think there were any great pictures from the shower…probably because I just sat in this big old leather armchair the whole time. But here you go:

Then I had a shower at church this past Sunday the 21st. My sweet friend Jill hosted it. She is such a party planner. We had awesome Mexican food and I got some great advice from fellow mommies!

My last shower was Tuesday the 23rd at work. I had a wonderful planning team: my Nashville “moms” Carolyn and Joyce, and friends Stacey and Jennifer. Mr. V got to come to this shower, which I think he enjoyed. I don’t have pictures from my camera yet, but here are a few someone else took.

That last picture is, in fact, a onesie with a tutu attached. AHHHH! I love it. 🙂

And yes, I do look bad in every single picture from my showers. Sad.

So anyway, yeah. That’s what has been going on with me! Now I’m putting things away, washing, and trying to believe within the next few weeks I will have a baby girl. It’s very hard to wrap my mind around despite the constant movement and shoving in my huge old stretch-marked belly.

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  1. I thought I looked terrible in my shower pics too… I think it is just because you are so close to your due date when you have your baby showers, you know?

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