As of Late

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Just realized I hadn’t posted anything since Wednesday. Sorry, I have no news. I am wondering if something is going on with baby as I’ve been having strange waves of nausea for two days. Not hopeful, but who knows? Maybe some mild contractions?

Thursday night we had Bible study here (usually Tuesdays, but someone had a conflict). I felt like it went really well and we had great conversation about the week’s topics. I’ve really enjoyed our study of the Psalms of Ascent so far!

Yesterday we had what I will lovingly call “forced fun” at my manager’s house. We grilled, ate, and most people played football. Well, yeah. I definitely can’t play football. And even being a spectator required hopping a fence. Not gonna happen! I enjoyed talking with my coworkers and being outside on such a nice day. Stopped at the mall on the way home and managed to exhaust myself trying to find a robe. No luck there, but I did find some PJs, a nice sweater I can wear open to keep warm until baby is born and will still be cute afterward, and a few things from Motherhood (soft nursing bra being the most important!).

I feel like I am getting more nervous as the days pass, knowing it could be at any time now. Tonight we’re going to the theater and I was almost in tears thinking about how it could be our last pre-baby date! I am so excited for her to be here and yet extremely nervewrecked–fear of the unknown, I guess. I sat in the nursery and cried today over thinking about dressing her in little tiny baby socks. I’ve officially lost my mind.

Off to the theater! We’re seeing Damn Yankees, which I’ve not ever seen before. I am sure it will be awesome!

One thought on “As of Late

  1. You’re going to be great! You’ll be in the moment when things start happening and it will all be fine!

    It’s so easy to get tired at this stage and I know for me, tired bring easy tears. 🙂 Take care of you!

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