Just an Update

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For anyone who might care–I am still here! Still feeling pretty awful. My back is burning when I sit up and I am having Braxton-Hicks contractions. Mostly I just want to lay around, watch TV, and whine. I don’t know how people who already have a child make it through these last few weeks. I hold them in the highest esteem.

Will let you know what the doctor has to say on Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Just an Update

  1. I have a feeling you will have this baby on 10/22. How ironic is that? If you are in labor that day I will take a taxi to the hospital. Can’t wait for my Tuesday update. Children are more than worth the uncomfort of last couple of weeks. : )

  2. Yes, I care, that is why I’m checking your blog! You can do it. It is worth the wait, you will make it! Baby Erica is rooting for you too:)

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