No Menu-Plan Monday

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These last few weeks of pregnancy have been irritating to me when it comes to food. I want so badly to still be able to cook each night, but it just doesn’t happen. Even now that I am only working half days, sometimes it is just too much to fathom cooking a full meal.

I feel pathetic!

It is such a change from my normal, planned-to-a-tee routine that it is driving me insane. The fact that we went to the grocery and picked out four frozen entrees to make this week…it’s enough to make me hyperventilate a little.

But for now, it’s got to be OK. And I know it will probably be OK for the next few months! While I keep saying that as soon as this baby is born I am going directly on South Beach, I know things are going to be different! From hearsay, I know I will be lucky just to eat with an infant around the house.

It’s time for me to let it go.

2 thoughts on “No Menu-Plan Monday

  1. You’ve been in our prayers! Yours was the first blog I checked upon returning from the hospital.

    Here’s to a wonderful and exciting week ahead!!! I can’t wait to meet you and Libbie while you are home on maternity leave.

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