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Since I have a lack of anything real to say lately, I thought I’d share these pictures of Libbie’s nursery as a part of Kelly’s Korner Share Your Nursery day. I am a little embarrassed because she is SO chic and I have no decorating sense whatsoever. Not to mention we know we’ll have to move out of our place almost definitely in summer 2009, so we haven’t painted because we didn’t want it to be too “baby” to sell. Also, nothing is hung up yet!! But, I still think it’s sweet and I adore her bedding. I took these pictures a week or two ago before it was more organized, so hang in there with me. It does look better now! But my camera is in my hospital bag in the trunk of the car.

My wonderful friend Jill used these pink letters to decorate at my church shower. I love that they’ve found this cute new home!!

The inside of the closet…crammed with much more clothes now. And also a stroller, high chair, bouncy seat, tummy time mat, big swing…saxaphone, tool kit, diapers, Boppy, Brest Friend….oh my!

I know this shows my messy-ness! But I love our furniture. A friend of ours called and said her neighbors were having a yard sale and had this beautiful crib and changing table set. So we went and snatched up both pieces for $200! Score! And I got the Pottery Barn changing table cover at the consignment sale at church for $4.

Bookcase that my DH put together for us. I love having the extra storage space. You can totally tell I am a bookaholic, huh? What can you expect from an English major turned copy editor?

And here’s the beautiful crib bedding! I should have got the quilt out to display with it. It’s laying inside the crib even though I know we won’t be able to use it for awhile. I just love this bedding immensely. It’s not so pink it drives me insane, and I like the modern flair with the green polka dots. It’s Cocalo A La Mode if you’re interested!

Happy Friday! Go check out Kelly’s Korner if you want to see some more fun nurseries!

7 thoughts on “The Nursery

  1. Oh I DO like that bedding!!! SO cute!!! It WOULD be hard to really get a room ready if you knew you were moving.
    Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

  2. After looking at baby furniture for Kelly, you got a great deal on yours!

    Love the bookshelves…They will be great till the baby leaves for college!

    Love your bedding!

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