Works for Me Wednesday: Kitchen Organization

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Now, you are probably laughing if you know me. Kitchen organization? My husband is especially getting a kick out of this, I’m sure.

But then he’ll realize I am just sharing his brilliant idea and he’ll be OK with it.

Shannon shared today her distaste for spice organization and her super cute Watkins spice containers. They are very cool and vintagey, and it’s nice to have all your spices match. Here is our solution.

I don’t even know when or how he came up with this, but a few years back Mr. V came home with a bunch of these stacking bead organizers:

Ours actually click into a base separately, if that makes sense. Here’s our drawer (and yes, I do stuff the other spices in the middle. Which might defeat the purpose).:

I think we got enough to store 24 different spices. We used sticky tape to put the bases in a drawer in the kitchen, and then wrote the name of the spices on the side of each clear container in permanent marker. I think each container holds around 2 tablespoons, which is plenty for how much I usually use when I am making a recipe.

It’s great not to have to dig through a huge shelf or box looking for a specific spice each time I need one! When I run out in the small containers, I do have a box with the larger containers to transfer, but it’s much less frequently! I think my husband is ingenious for coming up with this. Any kind of jewelry or bead storage unit would probably work–check out your local Michael’s or Joann’s and see what you can find! Our method is easy because it fits in the drawer.

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