My New Favorite View

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That’s what I see right now when I look down–a precious baby girl snuggled against my chest. I’ve been looking forward to “babywearing” my whole pregnancy. My good friend J gifted me with this wonderful Baby Bjorn and Libbie adores it. And Mommy loves it because I can do laundry, cook, type on the computer, etc, all while keeping Libbie close. She’s much more willing to sleep in this thing than she is in the pack and play.

Unfortunately I got out the Infantino sling I’ve had since I was 10 weeks pregnant tonight. I was searching online to see how to wear it and found out it is recalled! But since Libbie seems to like the babywearing, I might invest in a decent “real” sling. Or maybe I’ll win one from Adventures in Babywearing for writing this post! Check out more babywearing stories over there and you could win a sling from Nonny and Boo.

**If you’re interested in seeing more pictures from our photo shoot the other day, we have a featured gallery at I can’t believe how good she made ME look–must have been some definite Photoshopping in there. 🙂 **

3 thoughts on “My New Favorite View

  1. Aawww,so sweet to have a little one snuggled against you. I went to college in Nashville (Belmont). Great city! Happy babywearing!

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