Six Days Old

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Dear Libbie,

It’s hard for me to believe that a week ago I was having contractions on the couch. I thought they were bad–ha! I had no idea what was coming. These I was still able to play computer games through. My mom said she wished there had been computer games when she was in labor.

I tried to convince your daddy to go to church, but he was too nervous something would happen while he was gone. I was sorry to miss your little friend D’s baby dedication at church, but I never would have made it through. Sunday I had contractions at least every 10 minutes all day long (but that’s another story!).

I want to remember everything about you being so tiny. I will confess I was worried I wouldn’t have a pretty baby. I need not have been bothered! You are gorgeous, and everyone agrees with me. You have a full head of light brown hair, my nose, perfect lips, and the cutest chin I’ve ever seen. I could spend all day kissing your chubby cheeks and smelling the top of your head.

My doctor told me you would be a big, big baby, so it’s still surprising to me to see you swimming around in your newborn clothes! At the doctor on Friday you were 7 lbs, 7 oz., which the doctor said was the “perfect” size–50th percentile.
Nana, Grandpa, and Aunt Ashley have visited the last few days. They are all madly in love with you. Of course it means we don’t have too much alone time; and when we do, I start thinking about how surreal this all is and burst into tears every time. I can’t believe a week ago you were in my body. I can’t believe you are who has been growing in there all these months. And despite the fact that I drank Coke throughout my pregnancy, had feta cheese on Thursday before you were born, and let the pedicure ladies put my toes under the light (I didn’t realize I wasn’t supposed to!), you are perfect.

I just adore you so much. And now I am going to go rescue you from the pack and play, kiss your little nose, and love you until my heart bursts.


6 thoughts on “Six Days Old

  1. What a doll. Joyce sent me your blog and I love reading blogs!!! Libbie is beautiful. I remember feeling so overwhelmed with AWE every single time I looked at Alana. I was so tired and tried to enjoy every moment. I wish you well over the next several weeks of adjustment. Take care!!

  2. We weren’t supposed to put our feet under the light?? Who knew?!

    Your little angel is just adorable. You soak it up every chance you get! And cry as much as you want!

  3. Oh, Beautiful, I’m SOOOO happy for you and for Libbie. And I love that wrote this to her–how much she’ll treasure it when she’s grown!

    Give her a kiss from me, just for making her mommy so happy. 🙂

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