I Sincerely Apologize to My Husband and Any Other Male Readers

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So, darlin’, you can just ignore this post.

Please help me.

I am headed to Blissdom ’09 next weekend, where I need to make a good impression on a great deal of lovely women bloggers. I will have the baby with me, who is still breastfeeding. The conference involves a day and a half of seminars and two cocktail parties. I can’t even get into the issue of how will I change between these events when I don’t have a hotel room (perhaps my cousin, Tricia, will let me use hers?).

Problems: I am breastfeeding. I was a 38DD to begin with. This means I am currently gigantuan in the top area. I am also not a small girl (I wear an XL, usually). I am pretty short. I still have extra baby flab in the belly.

How on earth am I supposed to find a cocktail dress? Or do I REALLY need one? Have I mentioned my baby goes to daycare and that is eating up my budget?

If you are or have been a nursing mama, do you have any suggestions for where to find some good nursing clothes? Or what I might wear that I could nurse easily in?

Also, on a sort of related note, I hate ALL my nursing bras. The one I hate the most is the $60 Bravado I bought at the hospital boutique. I need something that has support, a strap that doesn’t ride way up, and maybe has a tiny bit of padding to keep the girls covered. Ahem.

Thanks for sticking with me, friends. I need help. (In more ways than one.)

9 thoughts on “I Sincerely Apologize to My Husband and Any Other Male Readers

  1. Apparently, I need to read back over the BlissDom schedule…we have cocktail parties to attend? NO!!! I can pull off cute-in-jeans-and-a-sweater…but a dress? Oh, Jessi….I feel you. I’m not nursing anymore, but I have my own pregnancy-related issues looking large. Wanna go shopping Friday?

  2. Of course your generously nice an new mommy blogger cousin would love to let you use her hotel room as a changing depot! I have to see that little one sometime during the weekend!

    I feel for you on this issue. I definitely don’t think it is a must but I would be lying if I didn’t say I was fretting about it also.

    Not to mention that the Blissfully Domestic Style Editor is one of the mommy bloggers going shopping on Thursday. Talk about pressure!

    Can’t wait to see you next week!

  3. A skirt and nursing top would probably make more sense than a nursing dress – you’d probably get more wear out of a nursing top than a fancy dress. Or you could do a nursing camisole with a sweater over it and a nice skirt…

    I got several nursing tops at Motherhood, but I like the ones I got at Mimi Maternity better, but they were more expensive. Often there are some nursing clothes mixed into the maternity clothes at Once Apon a Child! You might hit the ones in your area this week to check.

    PS – I’m so sorry I recommended the Bravado bra for you! I love mine, but I’m not very well-endowed. I guess that makes a difference in what bras work the best! LOL

  4. You know I’m in the same boat! forget cocktail dresses with no nursing access.

    I don’t even go for nursing tops. I’ve learned to wear a camisole under a shirt so that I can lift the top layer without showing the post-baby skin beneath : )

    I may not even make both parties. If I do, here’s what I’m wearing:

    Friday–the same thing I’m wearing Friday afternoon–black pants and a flowy top that hugs the curves.

    Saturday–stretchy brown velveteen pants with cotton sweater set, and if I stay for the party, will swap the top for a slightly dressier jacket/top

    I figure I’ll be guaranteed a little spit up on either outfit, anyway.

    I just don’t have the time or $ to stress about the clothes–so I won’t!

  5. Hello ! I found your blog through my ¨google alerts¨. If you are looking for a nursing top, have a look at Momzelle nursing tops (www.momzelle.com). I am the one who created them, and by experience I’d say go for a v-neck as it is the most flattering for generous girls.

  6. Hi Jessie,

    I’m going to Blissdom, too. (Yay!) I look forward to meeting you.

    As for your clothing dilemma:
    1) Pretty much everyone there is a mommy, and totally understands what it’s lie to be a postpartum, nursing momma. So, you couldn’t be among a more sympathetic group of people.
    2) You’re bringing that adorable baby with you, right? So, pretty much everyone will be focused on her, anyway.

    I admit that I, too, have gotten caught up in the "What will I wear?" excitement. It's just that since we don't get out with adults too much, so we're super-excited about this weekend.

    But, just as there's an unwritten rule that pregnant women are exempt from all dress codes, the same applies to those with infants, especially nursing ones.

    Please, just wear whatever's comfortable for you, and what provides the easiest access for nursing. And, remember that you'll be wearing the very best accessory: your gorgeous baby 🙂

    See you on Friday! ♥ Michelle

  7. OK. I know I should have read all the comments b/c I too will be nursing at Blissdom. But my dh will be home in 2 minutes and I need to get off this thing!

    ANYWAY. I *do* have a hotel room and am hoping you and Libbie will come hang out at some point! 😉

  8. Hey Jessie. I’m a bit late for this post, but wanted to throw in my 2 cents on the nursing bra issue. I’m a 38DD normally too and found these bra’s at my hospitals botique. I paid about $60 for each of them, but it was money well spent. I love them and I am still wearing them even though I’m no longer nursing. I’m waiting to lose more weight before I get new bras. Anywho, hope that helps!

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